Homey-app to add Virtual Devices that can trigger your flows.

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Virtual Devices


A Virtual Sensor is a bit contradictory, but nevertheless users wanted to view a value in a device, e.g. the actual room temperature in a Thermostat.

How to add a Sensor

Simply add one of the sensor-capabilities to a Virtual Device.

How to set the sensor’s value

The value of a sensor can be set with an action-card in a flow.


  1. Add the card entitled ‘Set a virtual sensor value’ in the Then-column of a flow.
  2. Set the technical name (see below) of the sensor-capability in the first field.
  3. Set the value in the second field. This can also be a tag from another device or card.

What are the technical names of the sensor capabilities

The technical name to fill in step 2 above is the capability name as shown on Athom’s capability reference.

It is the name in the grey-box, e.g. measure_temperature.